February 21, 2009

OMB director issues memo on transparency provisions in stimulus bill

The new incoming Office of Management and Budget director Peter Orszag has sent out a 60 page memo detailing the steps that all federal agencies need to take to stay in compliance with the transparency provisions of the stimulus bill.

The guidance issued today contains critical action steps that Federal agencies must take immediately to meet these objectives and to implement the Act effectively. Of particular note, the guidance addresses Federal agency requirements to provide spending and performance data to the “Recovery.gov” website. To deliver a website that allows citizens to hold the government accountable for every dollar spent, the law and guidance require Federal agencies to implement mechanisms to accurately track, monitor, and report on taxpayer funds.

As techPresident notes, the OMB was also the driving force behind USASpending.gov (whose creation was supported by then Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain). While it is still too early to tell if recovery.gov will be a success, the fact that president Obama has shown interest in transparency in the past can only bode well for the future.