February 20, 2009

Should "goo-goo" go the way of the dodo?

Interesting story out of the land that is becoming synonymous with corruption: Do good government activists get a bad rap?

Belittling reform advocates becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. "Goo-goo" tells everyone—citizens and pols alike—not to take seriously the prescriptions of these hapless idealists, these mewling babes in the woods. It enables the rascals and crooks.

Honestly I was not too familiar with the term "goo-goo" (and the author notes how it is primarily used in East coast and Midwest newspapers), but the notion behind it must be familiar to anyone who has gone up against the powers that be. The effort needed to remind public officials that they work for us—not the other way around—sometimes can be overwhelming. That, in part, is why TransparentNevada was created.