February 23, 2009

Tracking the stimulus bill—wiki style

The Stimulus Bill was 1,073 pages long. It spent $787 billion. No one in Congress read it before they voted to approve it.

It's going to take the work of many people to get the information on what was in the bill out to the general public. And there is no better tool to help them collaberate than a wiki.

This is why the StimulusWiki makes so much sense.

The Stimulus Wiki was built to dissect and discuss the Stimulus Bill.

We maintain no political affiliations and will keep a strict neutral bias. We are simply here to watch, to learn, and to oversee. We are trying to understand for the first time in History exactly what a bill is going to do and make it easier to consume for the masses, like us.

The site is still a bit bare in some areas, but I fully expect it will become a vital resource for those looking to learn a bit more about what exactly the stimulus bill holds.