March 25, 2009

Citizen does job journalists don't

Interesting little story out of Colorado today. Community organizer Natalie Menten published a piece on the use of taxpayer money in her hometown of Lakewood and how it is being used to try and win awards that promote the image of the city in the taxpayer's eyes.

I've got a better idea instead: spend tax money in a responsible manner. Why would you need an award if you were doing everything right in the first place?

But more interesting is the fact that this came to light without the help of any sort of mainstream news media. This was published in a political blog and written by a private citizen, with no help from a huge publisher or a "professional" journalist.

I've written about the need for citizen-journalists to be a watchdogs of the government. This article provides a blueprint for future efforts by private citizens to keep an eye on their government.

(Thanks E!!)