April 6, 2009

"Read the Bill" amendment falls short

A few days ago, transparency activists were dealt another blow in their efforts to bring some accountability to public affairs.

An amendment proposed by Sen. John Cornyn to mandate "five days of public review of legislation before passage by the Senate" fell short by five votes.

The largely party line vote (with five moderate Democrats crossing the aisle) is supremely disappointing. The outcome of the elections in 2006 and 2008 was a clear reflection that the people want their public officials to be held accountable, and a way that can be accomplished is by simply allowing the people of this country time to read bills before their passage. Unless the Democratic majority realizes that and realizes it soon, they will quickly find themselves out of power.

Obama has already broken his promise to wait five days before signing legislation, and now it appears that the Senate is in no hurry to force a waiting period either.

(Thanks Sunlight Foundation)