May 13, 2009

Is Tennessee following in Colorado's footsteps?

Yesterday we mentioned how Colorado Governor Bill Ritter's executive order is having the effect of undermining stronger legislation that was moving through their state legislature. Well, it appears the same thing is happening in Tennessee.

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen's effort,, does a decent job on displaying state salary data but falls short when it comes to providing users with easy to digest vendor information. The vendor information is available in massive PDF documents that are over 1,000 pages long. The records could easily be put into a database for easier searching. Also, the Governor's effort has undermined stronger acts that were moving through the Tennessee legislature such as Rep. Susan Lynn's Taxpayer Transparency Act.

While we applaud Tennessee for recognizing the importance of transparency, what the Governor has produced is inadequate. There is no reason the vendor information can't be made available in a easy to search format and even less reason to undermine stronger efforts that were moving through the state legislature.