May 19, 2009

Mitchell on transparency

Great editorial over the weekend by Las Vegas Review-Journal editor Thomas Mitchell on his recent push to encourage transparency in Carson City.

The Nevada FOIC is a nonpartisan organization affiliated with the National FOIC and is dedicated to supporting openness in all levels of government, primarily through education and public hectoring of those who would conceal the conduct of government from those who elected them.

Noting that transparency should be a bi-partisan affair:

At the news conference I emphasized that this initiative doesn't favor either side of the political spectrum, left or right, Democrat or Republican, pro-tax or anti-tax. In fact, the coalition is working to embrace politically diverse individuals and groups, because all sides, in order to adequately and authoritatively advocate and defend a position or issue, must have information.

Exactly. Only when all of the information is readily available can the best decisions be made. Hopefully Mitchell's initiative forces our representatives in Carson City to finally understand who they work for — us.