June 26, 2009

Abracadabra! 300 pages out of thin air

It doesn't take a dedicated Congress watcher to realize this can only lead to bad things:

Today is the day that the House plans to vote on the cap and trade bill that has mysteriously changed this week. Last night, the bill changed again. We are now looking at an additional 300-pages that will be considered as amending H.R. 2998, the replacement bill of origins unknown.

This means that we are looking at 300 extra pages added to the bill overnight. Stay tuned for more and go to ReadTheBill.org to tell your congressman that we need time to read the bills. (Emphasis mine)

300 pages takes time to read and understand. It can be 30 pages, 300 pages, or 3,000 pages but the principle remains the same: not reading a bill before voting yes is a breach of the responsibility your constituents gave you.