June 15, 2009

Recovery.gov to get face-lift

At least that's the word on the street.

Specifically, the work will include updates and changes to the site’s user interface, information architecture and design engineering. According to GSA’s pre-solicitation, the contractor needs expertise in project management, and the ability to "deliver a website with interactive data-visualization, and web-application level functionality."

[The Recovery and Accountability Board] is putting an emphasis on meeting the reporting requirements specified by the stimulus bill, but notes that "guidance from [the Office of Management and Budget] on reporting and transparency will continue to evolve." So far preliminary guidance on reporting requirements has been given to agencies and contractors, although the specific procedures for providing the required data to the government remains unclear.

While this Administration's transparency efforts are larger than just one website, Recovery.gov will have a large impact on their "transparency report card". Hopefully they get it right.