June 16, 2009

White House blocks visitor logs

The Obama administration has disappointed transparency activists yet again by announcing that the visitor logs of the White House "are presidential and not agency records, thus not subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)."

The Obama administration blocked the requests of MSNBC.com and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington for the White House visitor logs and continues the Bush administration policy of fighting the release of White House visitor logs.

Knowing who visits the White House helps citizens understand who holds influence on policy matters. Now the White House does say the policy is "under review" but that's most likely spin for "please think we're considering changing this policy, while we have no intention to do so."

Or as the Sunlight Foundation puts it: "Hopefully, when the administration says that the policy is 'under review' they actually mean it and this isn’t like the Supreme Leader of Iran saying that he will investigate election fraud."