July 30, 2009

Mediocrity reigns supreme in Nevada

Well, I guess it could be worse.

That was my reaction in reading that Nevada scored 34th in the nation "for the quantity and quality of information it provides on how the state is spending its stimulus money." Granted, we did tie at 34th with 12 other states. Put another way, only four states did worse and 12 did just as poorly as we did.

Taking a look at the Nevada Recovery website you have to wonder how that magnificent pie-chart alone didn't get us into the top ten. This coupled with the straight out of 1996 hit counter at the bottom makes me feel the folks at Good Jobs First have made a terrible error in their report.

Then I took a look at the breakdown in Nevada and realized that our zeroes in "allocations by geography", "allocations compared to economic need", "mapping of projects", "project/contract details", "contract award data", "jobs data", "project status", or "currency of info" definitely didn't help us. There isn't a pie-chart -- or hit counter -- big enough in the world to make up for those dismal ratings.

Let's hope Nevada's new, well-paid, stimulus "czar" can help us get our act together and make a better showing next year.