October 19, 2009

Recovery.gov still lacking, critics claim

Watchdog groups from across the country say that Recovery.gov, even with recent improvements, is still falling short:

Watchdog organizations say it’s still hard to find data on a Web site the Obama administration developed to track spending from Congress’ $787 billion stimulus package, even after a Maryland company was hired for $18 million to improve it…

But the data are riddled with omissions and inaccuracies, said Craig Jennings, a senior fiscal analyst with OMB Watch, a nonprofit watchdog organization in Washington…

The problem is many people have been "completely bewildered" in trying to find data on Recovery.gov, Jennings said…

"Part of transparency is simplicity," said Steve Ellis, vice president of Taxpayers for Common Sense, a nonprofit watchdog organization in Washington. "Just putting information out isn’t transparency."

Earl Devaney, the man in charge of Recovery.gov, said the site is a work in progress and that it will improve as more stimulus money is spent on the site.

Let's hope the site cleans up its act ASAP, especially with data from $200 billion in loans and grants becomes available on October 30th.

Although with the government's track record, I wouldn't hold my breath.