December 4, 2009

Shining a light on Nevada PACs

Following up on a story we brought you back in October, Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller has issued a "clarification" of PAC disclosure rules. The rules say that PACs must report contributions and expenses and refrain from engaging in non-political activities.

“The point of the campaign law is to provide transparency so that people are aware of money contributed to elected officials, so they can determine for themselves if there’s undue influence,” Miller said. “If there’s an interpretation out there that allows public officials to have unlimited amounts of money contributed to them without reporting, it’s disconcerting and in conflict with current law.”

This is a very positive development for transparency in Nevada. PACs are very useful in achieving political goals, so their funding sources should be known. This clarification makes sure that the general public can freely inspect the money that revolves around PACs and decide for themselves if there are any improper dealings.

(Thanks Las Vegas Sun)