December 2, 2009

A Victory for the Read the Bill campaign?

Yes, according to the Sunlight Foundation:

When it comes to the single biggest piece of legislation we’ve seen in years in the health care bill, everything that we’ve asked for in terms of reading the bill has happened so far. The various House and Senate health care bills, and even their amendments (so far), have been online for 72 hours before being debated and subsequently voted on.

The Read the Bill campaign has been successful in changing debate from "Are you going to post the bill online?" to "When are you going to post the bill online?" Also the idea behind the campaign has moved beyond political junkies and into the mainstream.

While some have, unfortunately, changed their tune on transparency or broken campaign pledges promising it, it is a good thing that people are more aware of the issue.

As online efforts for openness and transparency mature and Washington comes to realize the necessity of transparency, let's hope a new era of accountable government will blossom.