January 13, 2010

CCSD drops the transparency ball

Another incisive piece from NPRI's Karen Gray on the Clark County School District's disrespectful attitude towards the public when it comes to transparency:

This attitude — that the public cannot be trusted to correctly evaluate the district's performance — crops up repeatedly within top administrators of the Clark County School District and may well be the district's real problem. CCSD operates a highly restrictive information-control regime that regularly blocks news reporters and researchers from speaking directly to knowledgeable district personnel.

This attitude is far too common in local, state and federal agencies. Bureaucrats convince themselves they know best and the "little people" who ask questions merely get in the way. It never occurs to them that they are our representatives and do our bidding. We must never forget that it is our job to hold them responsible.

They can try to get away with it, but they can be stopped.