January 28, 2010

NV stimulus website rockets to middle of the pack

We're #1 #25! We're #1 #25! Go Nevada! Woo-hoo!

I guess when you languish near the bottom, any move towards the top is a good thing.

Nevada has improved its stimulus web site enough to earn it a ranking of 25th in the country, a significant improvement from six months ago when it was rated by a Washington D.C. advocacy group as one of the worst sites in the country.

The report gives Nevada's stimulus website full points in two categories (spending by program areas and recipient jobs data), partial points in two categories (contract/grant details and user aids) and zero points in three categories (spending by county, spending compared to economic distress and mapping of contract and grant projects). It gives the website 42 points out of a possible 100.

Our ranking still isn't great, but it is a welcome improvement. Hopefully in the coming months it'll become more refined and useful and -- knock on wood with your crossed fingers -- break into the top 10!

(Thanks Anjeanette Damon)