January 11, 2010

Transparency wins in Colorado

Who watches the watchmen?

It turns out that Colorado Ethics Watch does.

Back in April 2009, the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission wrote and deliberated on a nine-page advisory opinion in secret for a state lawmaker. They issued the opinion in a quick, five-minute meeting in clear violation of the state's open meeting laws which states that "all policy discussions [should] take place in public."

Colorado Ethics Watch took the Commission to court, a judge recently ruled that the open meetings law had been violated.

Legislators violating open meeting laws is one thing. The Colorado Independent Ethics Commission violating them, however, is another thing entirely. Their only job is to faithfully understand and apply state ethics laws and sadly, they clearly failed to do so here.

Fortunately, the citizens of Colorado can count on Colorado Ethics Watch to stand guard against such blatant violations of state law.

(Thanks Unequivocal for the tip)