March 24, 2010

Clark County responds to failing grade

Responding to the abysmal grade given to Clark County's website by Sunshine Review …

Erik Pappa, director of Public Communications for Clark County, said the Clark County website hasn’t received a significant overhaul in “over a decade” and that the information reported by the Sunshine Review “confirms a lot of what we already knew.”

As a result of the website’s increasing importance, with 4.9 million visitors accessing the site in 2009, Clark County is in the process of redesigning the website and, according to Pappa, will consider the suggestions made by the Sunshine Review when determining updates.

Pappa is considering plans to include more information on local taxes, budget reports and contact information for public records requests. He goes on to predict a "substantial improvement" of their grade in a year's time.

The first step to solving a problem is admitting that you have a problem and so I applaud Pappa for doing that. But lip service is not enough.

To better serve Clark County residents and to improve its grade for next year, Clark County needs to make the improvements it so easily talks about.

(Thanks NNB)