April 14, 2010

Ethics complaints galore

Welcome to election season everybody!

First we have the Democrats going after GOP candidates Danny Tarkanian and Mike Montandon:

The Nevada State Democratic Party has filed a complaint the with Federal Election Commission alleging that the Tarkanian for Senate campaign coordinated the use of “soft” money to illegally attack Sen. Harry Reid, a federal candidate. Congress has passed strict laws against the use of “soft” money in federal elections. ...

The complaint alleges that Mike Montandon for Governor used soft money to pay for an illegal ad attacking Sen. Harry Reid to the benefit of and in coordination with the Tarkanian for Senate campaign. The complaint specifically names consultant Steve Wark in his current capacity as a simultaneous advisor to both campaigns.


Not to be outdone, the Republicans are going after the Democratic Secretary of State and State Treasurer:

The state Republican party has confirmed it will be filing an ethics complaint against Secretary of State Ross Miller and state Treasurer Kate Marshall alleging the improper use of publicly funded web pages, phone lines and state employees for their respective reelection campaigns. ...

[Republican Party spokeswoman Ciara] Turns said the evidence collected includes screen shots of web pages that have since been revised and records of phone conversations with public employees who fielded campaign-related questions and directed callers to where they could make campaign donations for both Miller and Marshall.


We'll be keeping an eye on how both of these complaints turn out.