April 6, 2010

Not looking good, John

Jon Ralston, with the latest:

In the federal penal code, it is known as "structuring."

And it is a word Sen. John Ensign should remember because it is very likely to be on any indictment with his name on it. …

Structuring is a broad term that refers to the crime of creating financial transactions to evade reporting requirements — for example, a $96,000 payment to your mistress laundered through a trust controlled by your parents and calling it a "gift" instead of what it obviously was: a severance payment that had to be reported.

Between this potential "structuring" charge, his role in trying to get Doug Hampton a lobbying job and allegedly getting below-market room rental rates, Sen. Ensign just can't seem to catch a break. Then again, that happens when you have John Ensign's moral character.

For a man once entertaining thoughts of the Presidency, this whole saga has been a long and brutal fall from grace. Unfortunately, I don't think he truly understands it yet.