May 4, 2010

Campaign contributions should be transparent

It has been said that "money is the mother's milk of politics" and that is just as true in Nevada as anywhere else.

For that reason, an open and transparent system for reviewing campaign contributions is vital to the health of our democratic system.

Unfortunately, Nevada's system comes up short:

Nevadans who intend to vote early in the primary and general elections this year will likely find themselves in the dark on the question of who has contributed to the campaigns of the candidates.

Despite efforts in past legislative sessions to improve the transparency of campaign contributions received by candidates, lawmakers have failed to make meaningful reforms to the reporting process.

While most of the politicians quoted in the story claim to be for more transparency in campaign contributions, they don't want to act unilaterally and give their opponents any advantage.


If this is their view of transparency, they really don't support it in the first place. Transparency isn't a campaign tactic. Candidates who profess support of transparency should be transparent regardless of what their opponent might do.