May 17, 2010

Guest Post: Mike Montandon's Transparency Plan

An open and transparent government is a non-partisan goal every office seeker should make a priority. In Nevada, a number of improvements should be made to give citizens easier access to the work of their state and local officials and to root out government waste.

Budget crunch aside, in 2010 Nevadans should expect their legislature to have live streaming video feeds. If a student in Henderson can submit their science project by giving their teacher a YouTube URL, there is no reason within my first year in office we cannot implement a live streaming video system.

If you have ever tried to research political donations in Nevada, you will be sorely disappointed in the system our Secretary of State has in place. The tedious, antiquated website must be replaced with a user-friendly system that allows citizens to easily track political contributions. With sunlight comes accountability. As governor, I will work with the Secretary of State to implement a new system.

Tim Kaine, the Democratic National Committee Chair and former Virginia Governor, found himself in hot water last year for jet setting across the country while still officially on the job as governor. This kind of behavior is unacceptable and with proper transparency it would likely not have occurred. Kaine did not make it a habit of releasing his official schedule. Under my administration, I will release a weekly schedule that keeps the public informed of where their governor is.

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Mike Montandon for Governor

Editor's Note: In an effort to educate voters, TransparentNevada occasionally hosts guest blog posts which focus on transparency and accountability. A guest blog post by a candidate for office does not constitute an endorsement of that candidate or his or her policy proposals by either TransparentNevada or the Nevada Policy Research Institute.