May 19, 2010

Is the Stakeholder Group violating the open meeting law?

At least one member of the group is concerned:

A member of the citizen’s panel appointed by lawmakers to chart Nevada’s future for the next 20 years expressed concern today about whether the process to be followed to complete the effort conforms to meet the requirements of the state Open Meeting Law.

Doug Busselman, executive vice president of the Nevada Farm Bureau Federation, said he would like guidance from the Legislative Counsel Bureau on the decision to have the consultant preparing the final Nevada Vision Stakeholder Group report confer with members individually as part of the process of completing the panel’s charge.

Busselman also notes that the final report could be impugned if the process that created it does not meet open meeting standards.

Kudos to Busselman for his willingness to speak up and make his objections known. Compared to the education task-force that met behind closed doors until they were called out on it, Busselman is downright radical.

Amazing how such a simple and commonsense law — public things should be open by default — seems to trip a lot of people up.