June 3, 2010

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

First Sue Lowden gets in hot water over a bus. Now Sharron Angle is in hot water over a plane. I hope Danny Tarkanian doesn't like trains.

The RJ has the story:

When Sharron Angle hitched a ride on a supporter's plane to rally Tea Party troops at the "Showdown in Searchlight" in Harry Reid's hometown, the rising Republican candidate hoping to replace the U.S. senator might have violated campaign finance rules.

Angle paid $67.54 to reimburse the owner and pilot for fuel and parking for several legs of the trip that she and a couple shared on the six-seat, single-engine Cherokee Piper on March 27 and 28, according to records her campaign released to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Passengers picking up equal shares of the transport tab is in line with Federal Aviation Administration rules.

But after questions were raised about whether Angle as a candidate should have paid a charter rate estimated at $7,000 or more, her campaign said Friday it sought a legal opinion and decided to pay a higher charter plane fare to ensure full compliance with the Federal Election Commission.

This really does appear to be an honest mistake. Her being in compliance with the FAA seems to have put her in conflict with the FEC. One would think those agencies would coordinate better to make sure stuff like this doesn't happen, but that would be asking a lot of Washington.

To her credit, the Angle campaign was proactive on the issue and did not wait for it to blow up before addressing it.