July 13, 2010

Not even doing their job

There is a good op-ed in the Rebel Yell on how employees of public agencies often fail to perform even the most basic duties of their job:

A large part of our tax dollars fund the salaries of government employees, and these salaries have steadily increased over the years, well beyond the scope of inflation. An increase in the use of tax dollars should be followed by an increase in accountability, but this is not a reflection of reality. The de facto situation is that increased government revenue is coupled with more flagrant, irresponsible spending.

The most reprehensible abuse of our tax dollars is not necessarily misallocation, but the funding of government employees and agencies that fail to adequately perform their jobs.

For example, instead of keeping an eye on the financial industry, SEC employees spent hours surfing adult websites.

And while employees of the Minerals Management Service were supposed to be monitoring the safety of oil drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico, they were busy accepting gifts from oil companies and viewing themselves as part of the oil industry.

When we pay our taxes to fund these agencies, we have a right to expect our money is being spent wisely. All too often, however, that is not the case.