August 9, 2010

TransparentNevada helps creation of salary report

By now you've probably heard about Clark County's report on wages and pay raises that compares the employee salaries in Clark County to salaries in Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and six other regional entities. The report finds, unsurprisingly, that local government employees have been paid quite well in recent years. For example, from their cost of living adjustments alone, Clark County firefighters have had a 46% bump in pay over the past decade, which easily surpasses the consumer price index rate of 31% during the same period.

While there is plenty of interesting information in the report, I want to draw your attention to one important aspect of it that hasn't gotten too much notice these past few days.

Where did the county get much of the salary information it used to create the report?

They got it from TransparentNevada.

Instead of the Clark County Comptroller going to each local government and regional entity and getting information from them, he was able to get all he needed right from TransparentNevada -- and that same data is available to every citizen in Clark County.

While TransparentNevada has often been used by the taxpaying public to learn more about how their money is being spent, it is a gold mine of information for public officials too. One advantage of using our data is that when it is published on the site, we make sure the comparisons are between similar categories. Because each jurisdiction calculates things a bit differently, it can be tough to make sure you're making accurate comparisons. With TransparentNevada, we've already done that hard work for you.

So thank you, Clark County, for using TransparentNevada. We're glad you found it useful and hope other counties will begin following your lead.