September 8, 2010

Arberry denied lobbying job

Clark County has decided not to hire former Assemblyman Morse Arberry as a lobbyist for the court system:

Clark County commissioners voted 5-2 today to deny the Clark County court system's request to hire former state Assemblyman Morse Arberry as a lobbyist.

Some commissioners said they opposed the courts or anyone else using public funds to hire a lobbyist for the state Legislature.

Other commissioners said they didn't mind the court system having a lobbyist but opposed hiring a former assemblyman without a "cooling-off" period. Arberry resigned his post in the Assembly last week.

All things considered, I'm actually not surprised at the outcome.

Despite the historically cozy relationship between Nevada politicians and special interests, Arberry's move was just too nakedly self-serving to pass by unnoticed.

Arberry's open and honest contempt for "cooling off periods" showed that he was planning on capitalizing on the connections he made during his time in public office on behalf of his client.

While I'm sure most politicians-turned-lobbyists really do think that, most also realize that saying it isn't the wisest thing to do.