October 5, 2010

Laughlin, Pahrump make list of overpaid public employees

The Red Tape blog over at MSNBC has a great piece up today digging into some outrageous examples of government employees making out like bandits on the taxpayer's dime.

Nevada makes the list twice with Laughlin (#5) and Pahrump (#10):

Laughlin is a tiny Nevada border gambling town, a little Las Vegas for Northern Arizona residents. Not including tourists, the city had a population of 7,000 during the last Census. Last year its top 10 employees pulled in nearly $3 million in pay, making it a perfect example of another bane of taxpayers– overtime pay.

As KLAS-TV in Nevada noted in a recent story about excessive overtime pay, "One might expect the town of Laughlin to be a blazing inferno." One Laughlin firefighter alone earned $92,000 in overtime pay last year.

Laughlin is in Clark County, which also includes Las Vegas. Other firefighters from around the county are also well compensated. The two top earners, who collected $474,000 and $444,000, were firefighters who won large disability payments, according to KLAS.

The nearby city of Henderson, also in Clark County, generates some heavy paystubs, too. The assistant city attorney earned $550,000, including $433,000 in a one-time payout; the city attorney earned $435,000, $350,000 of it in a one-time payout, and a fire battalion chief earned $400,000, almost all from a one-time payout. Not to be outdone, North Las Vegas’ assistant fire chief earned $661,000.

Some of that salary information came from this very website, TransparentNevada, and it's great to see the issue of overpaid government employees getting some national press.

Do make sure to read the whole thing.