November 1, 2010

Reminder: Check out our transparency survey

Alright everybody, tomorrow is the big day. By this time Wednesday, the various campaigns will be reviewing what went wrong or celebrating what went right. The TV ads will cease, the phone calls will stop and our mailboxes will return to being full of regular junk mail instead of political junk mail.

But first, we have to get through tomorrow. Election Day.

With that in mind, I to bring TransparentNevada's 2010 transparency survey to your attention once again.

The survey has responses from over 60 candidates who shared their opinions on a range of transparency issues. Issues included putting the government checkbook online, expanding the open meeting law for public union negotiations and the Legislature, requiring 72 hours for the public to review bills before they're voted on and opening up campaign finance reports.

To see how the candidates responded head on over to TransparentNevada's 2010 transparency survey.