December 9, 2010

25/7: Double dipping in Carson City

The Sun reports:

Some state workers are double dipping and the state Attorney General’s Office has been called to determine if criminal violations have taken place.

A legislative audit released Wednesday detailed a number of abuses involving existing state workers who were hired as a consultant by another agency and also cases where former state employees were put on a contract at excessive pay.

The audit shows 250 current or former state employees were hired as consultants by state agencies and were paid $11.6 million during fiscal 2008-2009. Of the total, 63 were existing state workers who gained those contracts.

My personal "favorite" is the state worker paid for 25 hours of work in a single day.  Most people wish for more hours in a day to get things done, but this is on another level.

Obviously fixing this won't be enough to fill the budget deficit, but every dollar counts and this audit is yet another example of government waste and proof that Nevada hasn't yet "cut to the bone."  $11.6 million saved is $11.6 million saved, no matter how you slice it.

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