December 22, 2010

House Ethics office will survive

In a victory for government reformers, the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) will survive under the soon-to-be GOP-controlled House:

Although he opposed its creation, incoming House Speaker John Boehner will keep an outside ethics watchdog — the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) — intact when the GOP takes control of the House of Representatives in January.

The OCE may be loathed by Representatives on both the left and the right but abolishing it is just politically unfeasible. With Congress at its lowest approval rating in 30 years, any move seen as lowering the ethical standards of the place would be supremely unpopular with the public.

In a way, I'm glad the OCE draws so much scorn from House representatives. Given the choice between a toothless OCE that everybody loves and an aggressive OCE that everybody hates, the choice is simple.