March 30, 2011

Miller pushes "slimmed down" campaign reports bill

Slowly but surely, Secretary of State Ross Miller's campaign finance reporting bill is making its way through the state legislature. On Tuesday, the Reno Gazette-Journal reported AB 452 is now a "slimmed down version of sweeping election reforms that Miller introduced earlier in the session." One part of the bill mirrors a question from TransparentNevada's 2010 transparency questionnaire.
The bill requires online reporting of campaign contributions and expenses, and imposes new reporting deadlines before early voting begins and four days before a primary or general election.
Miller's original bills, AB 81 and AB 82, were 155 pages long, but as of a March 24 Assembly Legislative and Election Operations Committee meeting, the new bill, AB 452, is now a comparatively sleek 48 pages. Despite the removal of over 100 pages, the bill still includes many of Miller's initial goals such as revising filing deadlines before primary and general elections, and listing the Secretary of State's office as the "clearing house" for electronic campaign contribution filings.

The bill remains with the Assembly committee, but it looks like the streamlined version has a better chance of passing when it's finally brought to vote.