April 25, 2011

Assembly using the cover of an 'open' process to play political games

Governor Brian Sandoval (R) will not support Assembly Concurrent Resolution 8, which calls for a two-week "open, fair, and public process" for appointing a replacement for departing Senator John Ensign (R).

Introduced by Assembly Speaker John Oceguera (D, Las Vegas), the resolution also urged Sandoval to "consider the costs" of a special election if he appoints Congressman Dean Heller (R, CD-2) to Ensign's seat. Heller has already announced he plans to run for the Senate in 2012, and if Sandoval did appoint Heller, a special election would be held in CD-2 for Heller's replacement.

This seems like political posturing by the Democrats, and even State Senator Mark Manendo (D-Las Vegas) admitted as much in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, saying:

"It it just another partisan vote on something that has nothing to do with the business of this body."
While an open and transparent process is always welcomed in elections, the process to fill a void in Nevada's Congressional delegation is already quite clear — the governor gets to choose.

It'd be nice if Oceguera and his colleagues "consider[ed] the costs" of other pending matters, such as the state budget.