April 27, 2011

Campaign finance omnibus bills pass Assembly

Secretary of State Ross Miller's campaign finance reform bills are moving forward.

Yesterday, the Assembly passed AB 452 and AB 81. Both bills include multiple changes of varying merit, but some specific provisions are worth noting. AB 452 requires candidates to file election reports online so they can be easily searchable, and AB 81 restricts the creation of political action committees used to circumvent contribution limits. Perhaps this bill will be referred to as The Rory Reid Bill?

While AB 81 passed by a relatively smooth 32-10 margin, AB 452 passed 27-15, which a mixture of Republicans and Democrats supporting the bill. According to the Nevada News Bureau, the reason for the closer vote was due to a clause requiring a two year "cooling off" period before a former legislator could work as a paid lobbyist. Assemblyman William Horne (D-Las Vegas), was one of the most vocal opponents of this clause, calling it "a fiction" and "prohibit(ing) someone from doing what they're gainfully employed to do."

Knowing Horne's close releationship with PokerStars, it's easy to guess why he'd be against the bill. Maybe he reached this conclusion on his "educational" trip to England?