April 21, 2011

Transparency Review (4/18 - 4/22)

• Despite revelations about Rory Reid's creation of nearly 100 shell PACs and lawmakers taking undisclosed trips on PokerStars's dime, the prospects for strengthening Nevada's campaign finance laws still appear questionable.

• NPRI's Steven Miller writes about Assembly Bill 433, which would remove hurdles preventing individuals from simultaneously being employed by the executive and legislative branches of Nevada government — even though such “double-dipping” represents a clear constitutional violation.

• A former Bush White House staffer reflects on the level of transparency and openness in the Obama White House.

• The Los Angeles Times wins a well-deserved Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for its reporting on the Bell, Calif., salary scandal from last year. The investigation led to criminal charges against former city manager Robert Rizzo and seven other former city officials.

• Following the legislative defeat of the DISCLOSE Act, the White House is drafting an executive order that would compel companies seeking government contracts to disclose campaign contributions to groups that air political ads.