May 25, 2011

Former Senator, presidential candidate Edwards to be prosecuted

The Department of Justice is on pace to produce more blockbusters this summer than Hollywood.

Less than two weeks after it referred former Senator John Ensign's (R., NV) ethics violations to the DOJ, the department announced it's prosecuting former Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards, D-NC, for using campaign money to cover up an affair during his 2008 presidential campaign.

According to ABC News, the DOJ claims Edwards used hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars to cover up an affair he had with campaign aide Rielle Hunter. The New York Times added Edwards is expected to plea bargain to avoid a "costly and embarrassing trial."

Edwards' prosecution has many similarities to Ensign's case long-running affairs, costly cover-ups, alleged Federal Elections Committee violations so Edwards' prosecution may foreshadow Ensign's fate. The difference could be the money: Ensign's parents paid for his cover-up whereas Edwards used money from political donors. Ensign's violations also include helping former aide Doug Hampton land a lobbying job in violation of the Senate's one-year "cooling off" rule.

Similar or not, there's no excuse for the shameful behavior of these two former politicians.