June 1, 2011

Sandoval vetoes Democrats' second redistricting plan

For the second time within a month, Governor Brian Sandoval vetoed Democrat-drawn redistricting maps, setting up a potential courtroom battle.

"The plan reflected in the bill did not provide for the fair representation of the people of the state of Nevada, nor did it comply with the Voting Rights Act of 1965," Sandoval wrote regarding his veto, an almost word-for-word repeat of his first veto message.

With only six days left in the Legislative session and lawmakers just now finalizing the state budget, it's unlikely the Democrats will introduce a third draft of maps, especially since the first two passed along party-line votes and the Democrats haven't responded to Republican requests for compromise.

Unless an eleventh-hour miracle happens, it's likely the redistricting battle will shift to the courts over the summer. For more redistricting updates, keep following Nevada Journal and Transparent Nevada's Redistricting page for the latest information.