July 6, 2011

State Supreme Court rules for one candidate per party in CD-2

The Nevada Supreme Court ruled yesterday that each political party can select one candidate to run in the Second Congressional District special election.

The court's ruling ends Secretary of State Ross Miller's "ballot royale" interpretation, which would've allowed multiple candidates from each party to run in the election.

The ruling may end up favoring Republicans more than Democrats, according to Eric Herzik, a political science professor at University Nevada-Reno. Since CD-2 is a solid Republican district, the Court's ruling "eliminates an ugly intra-party fight," Herzik told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. If Miller's "ballot royale" interpretation held up, more Republicans could have ran, which would have diluted the Republican vote.

Republicans have nominated Mark Amodei, and Democrats have nominated State Treasurer Kate Marshall as their candidate. The election is currently scheduled for September 13.