July 20, 2011

Transparency Revew (7/18-7/22)

  • TransparentNevada recently updated its database with 2010 public employee salaries. Compiled by NPRI's Eric Davis, the data includes payrolls from most major cities and counties, as well as the state's higher education system. Transparent Nevada's announcement was featured in news reports on local Las Vegas channels Fox 5, CBS Channel 8, and ABC Channel 13.

  • Secretary of State Ross Miller enacted an emergency regulation to reimburse Nevada counties participating in the September 13 CD-2 special election. According to the Nevada News Bureau, the emergency regulation allows counties to submit invoices and documents to the state for election reimbursement, even though Miller admitted neither the counties nor the state budget for special elections.

  • NPRI's Steven Miller reports that Assembly Speaker and recently announced Congressional candidate John Oceguera contradicted himself on how much he was paid by the NLV Fire Department during the legislative session. According to payroll documents obtained by Nevada Journal, Oceguera was paid at an 18-hour-per-week rate for most of the session as opposed to the nine-hours-per-week Oceguera claimed he worked.

  • Las Vegas Sun columnist Jon Ralston breaks down the campaign finance reports from the past Las Vegas City Council elections. Ralston notes that donations received after June 30 won't be disclosed until January 2012, at the earliest.