August 2, 2011

Congressional candidate Amodei late on property tax payments

Republican congressional candidate Mark Amodei was late 25 times in 10 years in paying property taxes on his Storey County mining claim, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Amodei insisted he tried pre-paying the taxes but was denied by the county due to the county's tax collection schedule.

Amodei co-owns the mining property with Judge James Russell, who ruled on the CD-2 special election case prior the case reaching the State Supreme Court and is currently overseeing the state's redistricting hearing.

The largest fine for Amodei's late taxes was only $3.81 a year, but the bigger question is whether Russell should've ruled on the CD-2 special election when Amodei was running for the Congressional seat. It seems like a clear conflict-of-interest for Russell to hear a case in which one of his investment partners has a stake.