August 18, 2011

Transparency Review (8/15-8/19)

  • TransparentNevada added official financial documents for the State of Nevada as well as Board of Education contract summaries. Keep checking or follow TransparentNevada @TransparentNV on Twitter for the latest updates.

  • NPRI's Geoff Lawrence writes about firefighter unions and their fight to keep their lavish contracts and perks while the cities they serve are forced to cut back.

  • Speaking of public employees and pay cuts, Clark County commissioners approved a 2 percent pay cut for 3,600 University Medical Center employees. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported the pay cut is expected to save UMC $5 million a year after the hospital suffered a $70 million loss in 2010.

  • Nevada Senator Dean Heller, R., continues to lead a bipartisan group of lawmakers on Capital Hill calling for increased transparency from the debt-ceiling super committee. The National Taxpayers' Union supported Heller's call for open and televised committee hearings. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi D., CA, has also called for transparent committee hearings.