September 14, 2011

Amodei wins CD-2 special election

Republican Mark Amodei received 58 percent of the vote en route to an easy victory in the CD-2 special election on Tuesday.

Amodei defeated Democrat State Treasurer Kate Marshall, who received 36 percent of the vote, and Independent Helmuth Lehmann finished third with 4 percent.

While Amodei's victory isn't official until the state Supreme Court verifies the results on October 4, Amodei is already planning to fly to D.C. and be sworn in by the House of Representatives immediately.

Amodei's campaign, though, won't have time to rest as he'll face reelection next fall during the normal 2012 election cycle. Already, former USS Cole Commander Kirk Lippold, State Senator Greg Bower and former US Senate candidate Sharon Angle have been rumored as possible primary challengers to Amodei next summer.