September 22, 2011

Transparency Review (9/19-9/23)

  • Yesterday, Judge James Russell issued an order in the state's redistricting case that essentially punts responsibility to the Special Masters panel, ordering them to "determine the...preconditions" of the Voting Rights Act, as well as allowing them to use both the 2001 districts and the vetoed Democrat maps as starting points for their maps.
  • In other redistricting news, Russell also announced his intention to approve a new set of maps by November 16. Russell ordered that the Special Masters finish their maps by October 21, so the public can see them, and then Russell will hold a court hearing on November 15 or 16 to determine if the maps are acceptable or not.
  • On Wednesday, the Nevada Republican Party filed an ethics complaint in Congress regarding Representative Shelley Berkley's alleged conflict of interest involving her husband and her advocacy for health care policies that would financially benefit him. The complaint is the latest fallout from last month's New York Times story questioning Berkley's advocacy for policies, which would help her husband's business.
  • TransparentNevada recently added 2010 Board of Education contracts and salary data for University Medical Center. Please continue checking or follow us on Twitter @TransparentNV for the latest updates.