September 19, 2011

Will Super PACs overpower 2012 campaigns?

Time magazine political blogger Michael Sherer examines how large Super PACs, aided by the Supreme Court's Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission decision, could have more influence during the 2012 election cycle than the candidates' campaigns.
Sherer writes how top aides for Republican presidential candidates Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney both left their respective candidate's campaign staffs to work for Super PACs.
According to Sherer, since presidential campaigns are limited to $2,500 individual campaign contributions by Congress, Super PACs have much more funding available since the Citizens United ruling allowed unlimited campaign contributions to the PACs.
Sherer notes that the 2008 campaign, which broke records for amounts raised by the candidates, was conducted within the established campaign finance laws, but concludes that in 2012 "the landscape will be totally different."