October 26, 2011

Democrats, GOP file redistricting briefs ahead of Thursday hearing

Attorneys representing Democrats and Republicans responded to the special masters' maps in briefs submitted to the First District Court.

Democrats said they had "no major objections" to the masters' maps but told the Las Vegas Sun they'd have preferred their vetoed redistricting plan passed in the Legislature.

Republican attorneys acknowledged that, while the masters "drew districts that accounted for communities of interest," they still don't want the Voting Rights Act "treated as a ceiling" and feel "more should have been done to satisfy redistricting criteria" regarding the VRA.

Both parties found small discrepancies with state legislative districts. The Democrats discovered the masters used an outdated address when drawing Assemblyman William Horne's district, and Republicans argued that Senator Barbara Cegavske's district was "irregularly shaped" and wasn't "compact" like the other districts.

In addition to the two political parties, the Eureka County Board of Commissioners and former Elko assemblyman John Carpenter filed objections to the maps citing diluted rural representation.

Both parties will present their cases to Judge James Russell Thursday in Carson City. The parties also filed briefs with the Supreme Court, which can be viewed on the Supreme Court's website.