October 19, 2011

Former assemblyman Arberry pleads guilty to campaign contributions fraud

Former assemblyman Morse "Moose" Arberry pleaded guilty for failing to report $121,545 in campaign contributions and diverting the money into a personal checking account.

Arberry's guilt plea came after he cut a deal with the state attorney general's office to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of fraudulent appropriation of property. He received a six-month suspended sentence, was fined $1,000, and was forced to repay the $121,545 in restitution. The attorney general's office will distribute the restitution payments to victims of his campaign fraud.

In exchange for his plea deal, Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Diana Sullivan, who heard the case, dropped six felony charges against Arberry.

Arberry, who, ironically, was the former chairmen of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, resigned in August 2010 to become a lobbyist, and was a registered lobbyist in Carson City during the 2011 session, lobbying on behalf of Las Vegas-based transportation company Frias Holding.