October 17, 2011

Special Masters release redistricting maps

Nevada's three redistricting special masters released their maps to the public late last week.

Citing "no particular minority group was sufficiently and geographically compact to constitute a majority in a single member district," the special masters did not draw a majority-minority congressional district, which the Republicans argued was merited under the Voting Rights Act. Instead, the masters created the following congressional districts:
District 1 (Clark-part): 52 percent registered-Democrats (D), 25 percent registered Republicans (R)
District 2: (Carson City, Washoe, "Northern"): 35 percent D, 42 percent R
District 3: (Clark-part; currently held by Joe Heck): 39 percent D, 37 percent R
District 4: (Clark, Esmeralda, Lincoln, White Pine): 45 percent D, 33 percent R
Judge James Todd Russell still needs to approve their maps, and according to the masters' report, it's likely the state Supreme Court will have a say over the final maps as well. Neither party has indicated it will challenge the maps, but they may wait for the courts' rulings before filing any further litigation. For now, at least, the first drafts of the maps are drawn and the public has an opportunity to see them here.