October 6, 2011

Transparency Review (10/3-10/7)

  • There were several developments on Nevada's redistricting process this week.

    Responding to Secretary of State Ross Miller's request that the high court intervene in the redistricting process, the Nevada Supreme Court questioned whether state lawmakers neglected their constitutional obligation by not completing the redistricting process during session. Additionally, the Court questioned whether the District or Supreme Court have any jurisdiction in drawing the new maps.

  • In addition to their response to Miller, the Supreme Court scheduled a November 14 hearing to determine if the judiciary should redistrict the state. Even though Governor Brian Sandoval has indicated he is not planning on calling a special session for redistricting, some lawmakers, such as Assembly Minority Leader Pete Goicoechea, have called for a special session so the Legislature can complete the maps.

  • The Nevada GOP moved their primary caucus date to January 14, 2012. The move originally irked New Hampshire Republicans, since the date was within four days of their primary and New Hampshire law states its primary cannot occur within a week of another election.

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