November 7, 2011

Supreme Court rejects SOS emergency redistricting request

The Nevada Supreme Court rejected a request by Secretary of State Ross Miller to consider issues that weren't addressed by First District Court Judge James Todd Russell in last month's redistricting hearing.

According to the Nevada News Bureau, Miller claimed Russell failed to address the "propriety of considering the concept of 'representational fairness'" before accepting the special masters' final maps.

Representational fairness, argued Miller, would've considered the number of "safe seats" for each political party, something Republican attorney Mark Hutchinson argued was a "valid concept" to consider and was indeed considered by the special masters.
In addition to rejecting Miller's request, the Supreme Court also vacated a November 14 oral hearing on other redistricting-related issues, which would've included Miller's argument.

Miller did not challenge the Court's rejection and instead praised both courts for expediting their respective hearings and completing the redistricting process in time for the 2012 elections.