November 10, 2011

Transparency Review (11/7-11/11)

  • Clark County School District's vendor contracts are now searchable on TransparentNevada's database. Over $2.4 billion-worth of payable warrants from January 2009 through May 2011 are available, and TransparentNevada will continue adding more warrants on a periodic basis.
  • Boulder City Mayor Roger Tobler and City Manager Vicki Mayes are accused of state ethics violations by former-councilwoman Linda Stickland. According to Strickland's filing with the Nevada Ethics Commission, Tobler complained to Mayes about slow business at his True Value Hardware store, and Mayes instructed city workers to split their purchases between his store and Ace Shopper Stopper, the only two hardware stores in the city. Tobler acknowledged he failed to disclose his store received taxpayer benefits and he voted for monthly vouchers for his store, but he rejected the idea that his store is prohibited from doing business with the city.
  • In a Nov. 10 editorial, the Las Vegas Review-Journal criticized Republican lawmakers for letting the redistricting process go to court and the party's overall lack of organization as reasons the new maps aren't favorable to Republicans.
  • The Las Vegas Sun reports how former Assemblyman Wendell Williams has failed to make his $100-a-month payments to the secretary of state's office since August 2009, as required in his 2003 settlement for failing to file campaign expense reports. NPRI's Steven Miller discussed Williams's case in his "Lawmakers vs. the law" commentary series.